In my approach to male headshots, I pride myself on capturing the essence of each one of my clients. At Hoag Studio, the future of your professional headshot is in safe hands.

How I Approach the Art of Male Headshots

I have a firm belief that professional male headshots do not have to be limited to wearing a matching suit and tie. After all, the many qualities of your character can be expressed through various attires and contrasting backgrounds. For this reason, every client’s headshot requires a different approach.

Whether you are an established professional, starting a new career, or looking to update your existing portfolio picture — conveying your individuality matters. This is especially important when making the first impression. Since most of our interactions are digitalized in some shape or form, I am here to provide you with a professional headshot that will make a difference.

What to Keep in Mind for Your Headshot Day

As someone who has had the pleasure of delivering thousands of male headshots, I understand how stressful the process can be for you as a client. To help you prepare for your headshot day, here are some practical tips.

1.    Dress comfortably

Forget the myths surrounding professional male headshots. You will want to wear something that makes you feel good in your skin. Therefore, dressing smart also implies dressing comfortably.

2.    Tend to your personal hygiene

While there is nothing wrong with a scruffy look, professional male headshots benefit from a clean visage. Tending to your haircut and trimming your facial hair will help you in the long run.

3.    Hydrate occasionally

A well-hydrated skin does wonders for professional male headshots. We will want to soften your smile lines, so remember to drink your water.

4.    Conserve your energy

Professional male headshots can easily exude the client’s stance on fitness. You can exercise on your headshot day if you would like, but I will need you to conserve some of your energy for the photo shooting session.

5.    Take it easy

Although you may find the notion of a perfect headshot intimidating, do not be hard on yourself. It may take us a few tries before discovering the perfect angle to capture your individuality. So relax, you are in good hands!

What You Can Expect from Hoag Studio

Throughout the extent of my career, I have worked with clients from different backgrounds and all walks of life. As a result, the experience I have gained has helped me specialize in two types of male headshots:

  1. Professional Male Headshots
  2. Male Model Headshots

With that said, I would like to remind you that your comfortability, individuality, and success are of utmost importance at Hoag Studio. Together, we can boost your career opportunities indefinitely. To that end — let us discover how Hoag Studio’s hands-on experience in delivering professional male headshots will transform your career for the better.

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