Female Professional Headshots

For female-identifying subjects, we want more than pretty faces: we want confidence and power. Calm confidence and satisfaction can be a great thing! Women can always use some support and will bloom in a photoshoot. In most cases, we do want approachability, though we might want to add an RBF here and there.

These headshots are often used by CEOs, Executive Directors, and other leaders that are featured in PR communications, but also needed by all professionals that have an opportunity to connect with viewers online for business, partnerships, or with potential clients or employers: financial advisors, lawyers, accountants, engineers, medical professionals, architects, software developers.

It’s also used by professionals in academic careers, professors, researchers, who many times have material published online. Those headshots are also perfect for coaches, tutors, as well as therapists, counselors, actors, musicians, other artists in general, who need to connect with people and give some idea of their vibe and disposition.

Professional headshots done in studio are a great opportunity to show a commitment to high standards. 


Women's Business Portraits

Very often, female business portraits are simply a basic requirement for a company page, without much thought put to it. That is unfortunate, because a portrait is an opportunity to communicate with the viewer in a very powerful way.

A great headshot is not only a tool for communicating with viewers, it’s also a way to focus on your best qualities, and a boost of encouragement in achieving your goals. We know it’s a hustle, and a bit of support goes a long way.

Acting Headshot, Woman Lawyer
Corporate Headshot