10,000 Free Headshots for the Unemployed

We did it. We gave away free headshots to thousands of people in one day. We worked hard and the payoff was on the faces we photographed.

10,000 Headshots had the ambition of delivering headshots free of charge to 10,000 workers that lost their income due to COVID-19. It was an idea that Tony Taafe brought to the Headshot Crew soon after the country went on lockdown. Peter Hurley embraced it right away, and we all got involved and excited about it. Laura Lieberman poured so much work into it, thinking of all the details and making things happen. There were so many others who provided everything we needed to get this project off the ground – marketing materials, no-touch delivery software, PR work, legal details, all the logistics… it was no short amount of work.

There is an immense amount of joy coming from working with a motivated team like this, towards an uplifting goal. I was so fortunate to be a part of this. Photographers and assistants alike (thank you, Brett Hoag!). The shoot happened on July 22nd, we broke our backs, but we got many great images and great smiles that day.

Here’s hoping we do it all over again next year.

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