It goes like this: from every headshot session, there are three distinct shots breaking away from the pack.

  • the one you like the most;
  • the one your mother likes the most;
  • the one you should actually be using.

Whether it’s a headshot for an audition or for the corporate needs, this still applies.

If you are a represented actor, you might benefit from your rep’s help. They’ll probably tell you what that third headshot is (and you would be wise to listen). But maybe you don’t have this luxury and you just need to figure it out by yourself. Yes, I can give you my opinion on your shots, but in the end, it’s your call.

For corporate shots, you want something that shows that you are confident and approachable; without distractions such as big jewelry, patterned wardrobe, or a detailed background. In this case, less is more; it should be simple and you should look natural while still showing you are communicative and interesting. You can do it.  Together, with a little patience, we can work on all of that!

Actors may want to consider how their headshot will look when viewed by casting directors on Breakdown Services. An off-white background is probably your best bet; just imagine your headshot as a one-inch cell, on a page with 40 other actors. You should still look natural, confident, approachable, and your image should still pop. A blurry colorful background is really not the best in that situation.

You might still want some more creative portraits to use in other places, with more intriguing lighting, maybe even some props. Portraits are always fun to do, just know that not everything is a headshot! And, besides, you may want a copy of that one shot to give to your mom… Mother’s Day is just around the corner.

The tale of the three headshots

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