Successful business professionals need to have excellent corporate headshots in Los Angeles to look their best. That’s why they contact Hoag Studio – www.hoagstudio.com. If you’ve been looking for the best place for corporate headshots in Los Angeles, please give the owner and photographer Claudia Hoag a call today at (424) 416-7063.

How Hoag Studios Makes Amazing Corporate Headshots in Los Angeles

So, how does Hoag Studio produce the most fantastic corporate headshots in Los Angeles? It’s important to understand that our passion is photographing people at their best.

Claudia is always looking for the subject’s most interesting angles and sides. She gets the best possible photos by getting you as comfortable as possible to create a positive environment, which is when the best photos happen.

The corporate photoshoot process is as follows:

  • Book your session: Use Claudia’s online appointment scheduler where you can pick a convenient date and time. Claudia will call you back, review what to bring with you, and answer your questions.
  • Shoot: Claudia’s photo shoots are relaxed – she will work with you so you are as relaxed as possible in front of the camera. Don’t worry, she will coach you through it so the results are amazing.
  • Choose your images: Immediately after the shoot, you choose the images you love. Claudia will retouch them and send them to you in three days or less.

Vital Considerations For The Best Corporate Headshots

Claudia Hoag has many years of experience in making her subjects look their best in front of the camera. Below are some helpful tips to ensure that your corporate headshot turns out great. Claudia will coach you on these and help you make your shoot a success.

  • Your look: Think about which is your best side. Some people are shy about some of their facial features. For example, someone might have one eye that is slightly bigger than the other. In this situation, the shot could be at an angle so both eyes look the same.
  • Your smile: Smiling with or without your teeth work equally well. What’s important is to do what makes you most comfortable. A forced toothy smile doesn’t look good. You can see a real smile by looking at the person’s eyes. When Claudia takes your shot, she talks to you and directs you, in order to get you at ease in front of the camera, and to provide you with a positive experience. This will give you the most genuine expressions.
  • Your hair: Don’t get a haircut or dye right before the session. This is especially important for studio shots; some freshly dyed hair can look too vibrant and artificial, especially under studio lighting. It can take a week or two for the color to die down.
  • Your make-up: Remember that you want your headshot to be recognizable to people in a business setting. Don’t wear so much makeup that it overpowers the photo.

Call Hoag Studio For Your Corporate Headshot!

Claudia Hoag takes her commitment to your photo session seriously, and always promises to deliver the best possible result. Please contact Claudia today for stunning corporate headshots in Los Angeles.

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