It sounds like some 80s lyrics, but it is what it is: I want you to be my muse. I am always excited for the opportunity for every person in front of my lens to inspire me and become my muse for the moment.  It’s so exciting when I can make it happen! I’m in love with my images, if I can say so, and I love working on those images. I look at Georgia (featured in the image above) and I absolutely love it. “Right”, you may think, “Georgia is gorgeous, pffffftt.” But it doesn’t need be. It’s a magical thing that can come from many places, from you exposing your personality, from you showing what you love about yourself, being your true self. That’s easier with children – again, not all children, because some are already too trained, too posy, too smiley. But still they are more playful than adults and, if not “coached” on set by a parent, they more easily get to display that true self.

I am a very introverted person, so this is likely to go slowly… but if you let me, I’ll be right there, ready for it.

So allow it to happen. Be my muse.

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