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If you want to succeed in business, it’s important to have great professional headshots in Los Angeles. You always want to look your best in your headshot, so please visit us at If you’ve been searching for outstanding professional headshots in Los Angeles, please contact Claudia Hoag today at (424) 416-7063.

Hoag Studio – The Best Headshot Photographer Near Me

If you want the best headshot photographer near me, Claudia can help you. Her passion is to provide you with the best headshot that captures you at the ideal angle and pose so you look your best.

Claudia will always work with you to get the best angles and sides for your image. One of her techniques is to get you comfortable and at ease in front of her camera so the photo looks natural and not posed. That is when you get the best headshot.

When you work with Claudia for your professional headshot, this is the process:

  • First, you will book your session with Claudia on her website. She has a simple appointment scheduler you can use to select the best date and time for you. She will give you a call and talk about what you should bring with you. Claudia also will answer your questions and any concerns.
  • Second, you’ll come to her studio for your shoot. Claudia has been doing headshots for years for business professionals and celebrities, so she’ll get you comfortable in front of the camera before starting. She will provide you with coaching and ensure that you get the best photos possible.
  • Third, after the session, you’ll choose the images that you like the best. Claudia will touch them up and send them to you by email in one business day.

Before you come to Claudia’s studio, here are some tips for ideal results:

  • Consider which is your best side or angle for photos. Many of us don’t like something about our face, so if that applies to you, make sure you tell Claudia.
  • Think about what is your most natural smile because that’s the one you should use. Don’t try to fake a smile with teeth if you usually smile without because it won’t look natural. Your eyes will tell the viewer if the smile is natural or not. When she takes your picture, it helps to think of something that makes you laugh. That produces an authentic smile.
  • Do not apply too much makeup because your headshot needs to look like you.
  • Don’t have your hair colored or cut right before the photo because it may not look as natural. Wait a few days after any hair work before you schedule your shoot.

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Claudia Hoag is a serious professional that you can count on for outstanding professional headshots in Los Angeles, so please give her a call today at (424) 416-7063.