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Behind the scenes with Drew Gordon

Dear actor friends, if you still don’t have a slateshot attached to each of your headshots in Actors Access… you’re missing out for no good reason.

Breakdown Services have been talking about the benefits of SlateShots℠ for a while. What most actors seem to overlook is that “submissions with SlateShots℠ are displayed ahead of submissions without SlateShots℠.” To make it clear: if you have a slateshot attached to the headshot submitted for that role, your headshot will show on the top of the page. Capisce?

Yes, you could just shoot something with your iPhone (heck, some people create loads of web content simply with an iPhone, and sometimes they know how to do it pretty well). But really, if you’re applying for a job, and you have one shot, don’t you want it to be the best you can deliver? Here are the main points you need to keep in mind: it’s basically a moving version of your headshot. Everything that applies to headshots also applies to slateshots. We want to see your eyes, see your face. Have good lighting and avoid busy backgrounds. On top of that, you have sound. The talkies! Make sure you have good sound quality and keep your text clean and simple.

And let me know if you want to add a slateshot to your headshot session!

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